How many facts can you name regarding the Magi (or three wise men) of the Nativity? Probably not many. Yet the few factual shreds we do have about the Magi have been sufficient to elevate them to iconic status. The mystique and power of the Magi are truly universal and come to life every Christmas.

So, who were the Magi? Where did they come from? Did they really follow a star? Was their journey just a short, bumpy camel ride over a few sand dunes? What was their world like? What happened in the manger? What happened to the Magi after Bethlehem? Clearly, we need some answers – and Epiphany delivers them. Epiphany is an amazing new chronicle of the beginning of Christianity: an adventure tale of the three wise men , the Star of Bethlehem, the Nativity, and so much more. Of all the stories and novels you’ve read, few will leave as lasting an impression.

Epiphany is the thrilling historical fiction adventure of the Magi’s peril-ridden expedition to witness the birth of Christ. They face the incredible challenges of Rome, Herod, an unforgiving landscape, the supernatural, and betrayal. Yet the Magi’s greatest obstacles prove to be their own struggles to understand the meaning of the star. Read Epiphany and start your own journey today!

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